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Friday, 1st Feb 2019



The forgotten county


By Tim Porter

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Wednesday 24th April 2019

Malvern Theatre

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Battle Site Update - June 2018

Positive Evidence Discovered


For several years now, the Battlefields Trust have been trying to identify the actual location of the Battle of Stow in 1646. The previous survey of 2015 drew a complete blank, both at the site where the monument is situated near the village of Donnington, and on a large open field further south.  The battlefield experts have long maintained that the monument site is too small for armies of that size, and too far from Stow Square for the retreating Royalists to have reached it without being cut down by the cavalry.


This time the survey concentrated on a location much nearer Stow and quickly began locating lead bullets of 17th century origin.  Most were less than musket size from smaller calibre weapons, which indicated that the area possibly featured during the retreat.  During the survey the conditions were cold and mostly wet and the team only managed to survey one large field during the weekend. Further exploration is needed to determine the route of the armies as they approached Stow and to establish the core battlefield, but the finds are a very encouraging sign.  It is hoped that a further survey can be undertaken in the Autumn, depending on land usage.


We have been permitted by the landowner to retain most of the finds and some of these will be displayed in the cabinet in the library foyer.


Battle of Stow - 21st March 1646

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