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16th November 2017


Wipers Times

at the Everyman

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Friday, 6th October 2017


 “King of all Balloons”

James Sadler the Oxford pastry cook and first English aeronaut

Speaker - Mark Davies  

wipers times Booking now closed Click for more information

Friday, 10th November 2017

Wyck Hill House Hotel, near Stow


Speaker:  Dan Szor, Founder and CEO of The Cotswolds Distillery


Spring Quiz - 15th April 2016


Led Zeppelin to Jane Austen

Saudi Arabian borders to Singapore Slings

We had the lot at the Society's first ever, inaugural,

oft-to-be-repeated Quiz Night.

Maggie Cox picked up her camera

and went to see 12 eager teams in St Edward's Hall, all

trying to prove who was top dog in the knowledge stakes.

Top shot Dog

No, not you Ellie.

You're already top dog

Presenting the teams...

Davies team Losing team parkinson man team

Note how optimistic

they all look

at the start.


That's before they've heard the questions on

pre-1985 music. And will they know who was the second person

to run

a 4-minute mile?


Ha! No way

simon team Gilet woman team Sylvia team Connie team Jihn ramsden

This is the man in charge.

John Ramsbottom,

chief torturer

and Quizmaster General

And the folks who did all the organisation to make the evening such a brain-breaking,


beer and bordeaux

belter of a beano

(Enough Bs! - Ed.)

were these two:

Dave and Sylvia Wiblin,


OK, down to business.

Now we're all concentrating...sort of

3 women Nigel concentrating Simon cu Sue and Paul

And here's the most important man of the night.

Barman Geoff Parke

The winners came through from behind in the final furlong...


And wooden spoons all round for gallant 12th place...

Loseers wooden spoon Paul joker

No, Paul.

Too late.

It's finished now

Just have to wait till next time

Dave at 60 (1) Sylvia Geoff Sybil team Large woman team Valerie's team Red sweater team Davies cu Rachel woman laughing cu blue cardy cu